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First seedlings dispatched from Manjimup nursery

8 July 2016

Around 3.4 million pine seedlings will be planted over the next two months at plantations within the South West.

Forest Products Commission (FPC) General Manager Stuart West said it was part of a broader plan to build the plantation estate in the South West to support the softwood industry.

“One million seedlings will be used to regenerate 750 hectares of the McLarty plantation, near Yarloop, which was destroyed by the January 2016 bushfire,” he said.

“This is the first stage of a commitment made by the State Government to replant the State’s plantation lost to the bushfire.”

The remaining 2.4 million seedlings will be distributed throughout other South West plantations as part of routine seasonal planting. The timber from these plantations will be processed locally for the Western Australian building and construction industry.

The FPC’s nursery staff at Manjimup have worked hard to prepare healthy pine seedlings for the first planting of the season. The nursery has a long history of tree breeding and works to continuously improve growth rates and the quality of trees being planted.  

The nursery will dispatch around 240,000 seedlings each week and the first truckloads of seedlings have already gone to their new homes with planting continuing until mid-August. 

Fact File

  • The softwood plantation sector in Western Australia contributes to the $1.06 billion per year forest industry turnover and employs over 700 people.
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